The Proposal

The high-quality apartments are proposed to be split across 2 buildings, with an entrance at 520 Sauchiehall Street and a second entrance at 341 Renfrew Street.


Consultation Event Presentation

If you have any questions on the presentation or proposal, please contact the project design team on 07762943627 / 07868730512 or via email, between 1pm and 4pm on Wednesday 12th August or between 5pm and 8pm on Thursday 13th  August, as part of the interactive consultation even

The proposal seeks to consider the retention of the façade of the existing B-listed building 520 Sauchiehall Street and preserve and enhance the special character and appearance of the conservation area and setting of adjacent listed buildings.

The accommodation to be provided by this development will be co-living apartments. Co-living is a type of purpose-built and managed residential accommodation, providing a combination of personal and shared amenity space. The aim is to provide affordable and community-oriented city-centre living to Glasgow.

The development’s location close to Charing Cross aims to help meet the growing demand for homes and align with Glasgow City Council’s aim to return the area to its former mix of commercial and residential use.

The existing site will be redeveloped to create a new gateway building, comprising a 15 storey building on Sauchiehall Street and 6 storey building on Renfrew Street. 100 new co-living apartments are proposed comprising a mixture of studios and 1 bedroom apartments, with internal and external amenity spaces to create purpose-built and managed residential apartments which will be community oriented. Ground floor commercial units will also be created.


Co-living to Consensus Capital is all about creating a sense of community by providing private living with communal facilities bringing residents together and allowing like-minded people to live and connect.

Smaller private apartments will allow for enhanced communal spaces for collaboration and efficiency but also allow us to provide high spec apartments, at a reasonable price which is rare for City Centre living. Our co-living spaces will take into account the evolving needs of individuals such as co-working spaces to assist with the changing workplace and the need to work from home

Fundamentally, we want to create a rental model which is easy for residents and transparent on costs.

Although this type of living may particularly appeal to the millennial generation it is not restricted to a specific group. Co-living provides a perfect product for any individual at any age to who want to be part of a community and to live in an empowering environment.

Co-living feeds on the collaboration, communities and openness that the 21st century thrives around. We hope given the opportunity Consensus Capital can bring this to Glasgow’s City Centre.

Benefits of the Proposal

  • Redevelopment of a long-term vacant gap site and derelict building;
  • Provision of high quality, apartments within the city centre, close to existing public transport hubs and city centre amenities;
  • Onsite amenity facilities for residents creating a crucial sense of community and inclusivity;
  • Creation of ground floor commercial spaces suitable for a variety of uses;
  • Economic benefits for the city via the creation of direct as well as indirect and supply chain jobs and a significant amount of investment in the area in the context of the City Deal projects

Economic Benefits